It s time to pay the piper

It's time to pay the piper

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on any Social Media platform today, you will have undoubtedly been assailed by Donald Trump memes and despairing statuses. The US election results come as a shock to most of us here in the UK with the general census certain that Clinton would take the presidency. We even did our own in-house vote, which resulted in a staggering 93% of our employees favouring the Democrat.


It’s fair to say that this particular run for office has been one of the dirtiest we’ve seen. It’s been a constant stream of scandal and slander which has evoked strong feelings of resentment and distrust between the Democrats and the Republicans. With such divisive lines drawn between the two parties it’s unsurprising that Clinton’s defeat will leave many devastated. In equal measure Trump’s victory, will be cause much celebration amongst his supporters.  


So, like Brexit, how did the pollsters get this so wrong? In what may remain a mystery, one thing is certain: The American public are yearning for change. They made this clear with the election of a candidate with no political experience – someone who is best known for famously delivering ‘You’re fired’ to a room of entrepreneurs.  So, despite what you think of the 45th American President, America has spoken. It’s time for change – whether that be good or bad, and just like Brexit, all we can do is wait. We have no idea what this change will mean for Britain - if any at all.  


For now, we wait. We sit back with a cuppa, grumble incoherently about the uncertainties and feel a tad smug that in comparison, Brexit really isn’t so bad. 

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Rebeca van Heerden
Marketing Manager

5 years ago Rebeca moved from South Africa to start a new journey in the UK. She has been a part of the Simply Education family for over 4 years and has loved watching the department develop in this time. She loves being outdoors, going to CrossFit and reading and writing whenever she gets the opportunity.