10 Feelings that Every Teaching Professional Experiences During the First Month of the New Term

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The first month of the new academic term is nearly over already and time is flying by - soon enough it’ll be Christmas (cue groans and panic noises)! We understand that getting re-adjusted to school life can be very difficult after six weeks of relaxation (if you can call it that), regardless of how much you love your profession, and so we have compiled a list of 10 feelings that every teaching professional has probably experienced during the first month of the new term…

1. When you’re not used to your alarm rudely awakening you so early in the morning

Seeeeeriously? Do I HAVE to get up?

2. When you’re half way to work and realise you’ve forgotten your lunch… Again

Nooooooo! My sandwich!

3. When it’s only second lesson and you’re imagining how different your life could be if you were a millionaire

Cocktails on the beach. All day. Every day. If only…

4. When a child asks you the same question for the TENTH TIME TODAY and you can’t make the answer any simpler than it already is

Come on Timmy, pleeeeeaaasseee understand it this time!

5. When it’s finally lunchtime!

Time to eat my sandwich! Oh wait... I left it at home…

6. When you realise you’re on playground duty

I just want to stay inside and sort out the stationery, is that so much to ask?

7. When it’s so close to the end of the day and the clock won’t move fast enough

Get a move on clock, I’ve got wine to drink!

8. When the bell rings and your students think they can just get up and leave

Nuh uh kids, the bell is for me, not for you.

9. When you start your journey home after a long day, only to get stuck in traffic


10. When you are finally reunited with your one true love… Bed

Ahhh, squishy pile of dreams. I will enjoy frantically thinking about tomorrow’s lesson plan while snuggled up with you tonight.

We hope this post made you smile! A massive thank you to all teachers and support staff for everything that you do. If you are looking for a new role, whether it be full or part-time, on a permanent, long-term or day-to-day basis, we can help. Why not register with us today and see what we can do for you?

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