How can we help you find a supply teaching job

How we can help you find a supply teaching job | Simply Education

Are you looking for a supply teaching job? We can help! 

There are often many questions surrounding supply teaching. From how to become a supply teacher, to how much money you’ll get paid and where you’ll be expected to work, the information we find online can often be more confusing than helpful!


Working as a supply teacher should be stress-free and fit around your existing commitments which is why, once you have registered for supply teaching jobs, we take care of everything else! The easiest way to start this process is by registering here. Once we have received your details, a locally-based consultant will contact you to arrange an interview. This interview is vital as it provides us with valuable information about your teaching experience and preferences. Within this meeting we also collect all the necessary documentation that ensures you are safe and compliant to work in an education setting. During the course of this interview you will also be given the opportunity to ask your consultant, at length, all the concerns you may have. You can specify where you would like to teach, your working availability and discuss salary expectations. It really is as simple as that! Once you have been cleared for work, your dedicated consultant can start looking for perfect supply teaching jobs for you.


Continued Support for our registered supply teachers  

There’s a misconception that working as a supply teacher can be isolating. We work hard to ensure that all our registered teachers feel supported even if they are not a permanent member of staff. This means you will always have access to your consultant as well as fellow teachers in the community. In addition, we provide free, year-long continuous professional development courses. These courses are designed and delivered by two ex-deputy Head Teachers who have extensive classroom experience. Our CPD courses were developed to keep you up-to-date with curriculum changes as well as provide guidance with classroom behaviour and management. You can also request resources and seek advice on any related topics from our Education Development Managers.


We hope the above information has provided some clarity on supply teaching, and in particular the process of registering with an agency for supply teaching jobs. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak with an experienced recruiter please call our Head Office on 01234 216 199