It s down s syndrome awareness day

It's Down's Syndrome Awareness Day!

Today is Down’s syndrome Awareness day! With the majority of children with Down’s syndrome now joining mainstream pre-school settings, the importance of understanding how to support and facilitate learning for SEN children is vital.

Children with Down’s syndrome may develop more slowly than their peers, but they have a specific learning profile. Understanding the factors that help facilitate learning will help staff to plan lessons and activities that will be more meaningful.

Most early years workers have the skills to understand each child’s needs and are able to include them effectively. However, some early years workers may feel a little uncertain about educating a child with Down’s syndrome. If you want to know more about how to support a child with Down’s syndrome in your class, we have created a helpful infographic below using information from the Down's Syndrome Association website.



These examples are just a few of the ways you can support a child with Down’s syndrome, for full information for each stage of learning, visit



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