3 essential reasons why you should undertake CPD

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It’s easy to fall into the idea that learning stops once you leave the classroom. However, as the years go by you may feel that you have fallen behind in your profession – perhaps your methods are not working as well as they used to, or new technological developments have changed the way that your institution operates. Maybe you have lost your passion for something you once loved and you’re not quite sure why. Continuous Professional Development (commonly referred to as CPD) is a fantastic way to ensure that you stay ahead of the game, especially in the education sector where rules, regulations, grading systems, policies and procedures all change so quickly. We spoke to Mike, one of our Education Development Managers (who has over 40 years’ experience under his belt!), to find out what he believes are the top 3 reasons for undertaking CPD.

1. Developing your Professional Skills

First and foremost, CPD courses help you to continuously build your professional skill base to fit the ever-changing needs of your industry. Specifically in relation to education, CPD is incredibly useful for gaining insight into changes in various areas such as assessment, teaching practice, safeguarding, pedagogy and behaviour management. It is vital in today’s environment to keep up to date, as if you aren’t in the know on current policies and procedures then your work performance may well be hindered.

2. Future Career and Promotional Prospects

Another great reason for undertaking CPD is that it shows you are open-minded to new ideas, committed to your profession and determined to improve yourself. This in turn can help to improve your ranking on the list of potential candidates for new external opportunities and also internal promotions within your current setting. This is applicable across all professions, however when it comes to supply teaching it is quite specifically relevant. In many cases, supply staff will not work at a school long enough to be enrolled in the CPD courses that schools place their permanent staff members on. As many schools find CPD desirable in a candidate, not having undertaken such training puts supply teachers at a disadvantage if trying to secure a new role. Therefore, by undertaking CPD courses (especially big ones like Behaviour Management) supply teachers can improve their employability and future job prospects.

3. Improved Self-Confidence and Wellbeing

Whether you are new to a profession or have been in the game for many years, almost everyone goes through periods where they do not feel as confident or secure in themselves as they usually do. Sometimes a specific negative event can make you doubt yourself, or maybe a shift in policy and procedure is leaving you feeling out of loop. Feeling this way can have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing, not just professionally but also personally. CPD is a great way to learn new skills to bring you up to date, which can improve your confidence and enable you to go about your daily role with a sense of insight and knowledge. Not only this, but CPD can help to remind you why you love what you do, and it is also an opportunity to meet similar professionals to which you can build friendships, share your troubles and discuss different approaches.

If you are looking to undertake some CPD this summer then take a look at our available courses – they’re FREE to all of our registered candidates! Visit http://www.simplyeducation.co.uk/workshop for more information.

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