3 Reasons to Use Teaching Supply Agencies

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There are many factors to bear in mind when considering becoming a supply teacher. One big decision you will need to make is whether you wish to work through a teaching supply agency or as an independent member of supply staff. While both options have their benefits, many opt to work with agencies – here’s a few reasons why!


Working as an independent supply teacher can be isolating, but when you register with teaching supply agencies you become part of a team. You have the security of knowing that you are supported by your agency, and your consultant is available throughout the day in case you need reassurance or advice.


Most teaching supply agencies have a wide pool of schools who are looking for staff. This makes it easy to secure regular work in a variety of settings within your area, and saves you the hassle of doing your own networking!


Many teaching supply agencies offer free Continuous Professional Development courses to their staff, enabling you to build upon your existing skills and knowledge without spending a penny! This puts you at an advantage, as an increasing amount of schools are requesting staff with CPD under their belt.

Whether you are looking into supply teaching for the first time or you are an independent supply teacher looking for a change, it is important to consider what options are right for you. If you decide to register with a teaching supply agency, why not try Simply Education? With hundreds of teaching and support positions available, our experienced and dedicated consultants can help you to secure your ideal role. Get in contact today at https://www.simplyeducation.co.uk/register to arrange an interview!

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