4 Fun Halloween Ideas for the Classroom

Posted 27th Oct 2017

It’s nearly Halloween, and there’s no doubt that children in primary schools across the UK (and all over the world) are excited at the thought of carving pumpkins, dressing up and going trick or treating! Keep the attention of your class over the next few days with these Halloween-inspired, fun and educational activities.

Test your students’ memory skills with Match the Pumpkin!

• Cut 10 pumpkin shapes out of orange card and design 5 different faces

• Draw each face on two pumpkins to make 5 matching pairs

• Show the children a pumpkin face for 10 seconds before taking it away

• Ask them to pick the matching face from the leftover collection!

Let your students get creative and use their imagination with Spooky Stories!

• Ask the children to draw their own spooky character

• Get them to write a story about who the character is, where they live, who their friends are and what they like to do!

• As an extra exercise, get them to verbally describe their character to other children and get them to draw what they think the character looks like (without looking at the original drawing!)

Create an interesting sensory experience for your class with Ghostly Ectoplasm!

• Mix equal parts of cornflour and water together with green food colouring to create ghostly ectoplasm

• When the students move their hands through the ectoplasm slowly it will remain a liquid

• If they scoop the cornflour into their hands and roll it into a ball (or put other types of pressure onto it) it will become solid! Almost like ghostly magic...

Unicorn Fluff is a soft and fluffy sensory treat which is great for the whole class - especially those who may not like scarier themed activities!

• Mix 1/2 cup of thick shampoo with 1/4 cup of corn starch, and then add food colouring of choice

• After this, add 6 tablespoons of water one by one, stirring well after each one.

• You can then add glitter to give it that super sparkly unicorn effect!

• If the mixture is too runny then add cornflour until it is the correct fluffy squishy consistency

• Students will love the texture (and the lovely scent!)

We hope your class enjoys these spooktacular activities – Happy Halloween!

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