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Lunch breaks aren’t just for students. It’s equally important for teachers to eat properly during the school day to get the energy they need. Lunches can be hard to think of and sometimes preparing a packed lunch for school can feel like a chore. This list of fast, healthy and easy lunchtime meals are perfect for a teacher's schedule and needs.

Lunches for busy teachers

Let’s start with some fast and easy lunches that are super tasty for busy teacher who values their time.


An obvious choice. Sandwiches will never let you down. You can fill them with whatever you want, they’re quick and easy to make, easy to eat and they’re filling. Everyone has their favourites and there are countless options you can play around with and try out.


Wraps are also a quick and easy lunchtime fix. Chicken and mince are the go-to meat options for wraps because they go with so many different flavours and fillings. Our favourite recipes include chicken and avocado wraps, feta and salad wraps, healthy vegetable wraps and mince burritos, in case you need a few ideas.


Another quick staple lunch idea. Salads, like the previous choices, come in many different varieties so it’s up to you to decide how you want to make them. We find that pasta and rice salads are tastier options for people who want a bit more than a pure veg lunch.

Healthy lunches for teachers

These options are more focused on giving you the nutrients you need rather than being quick and easy to make, not that these are complicated meals. For the more health-focused teachers or if you just want a tasty healthy lunch option, we have these three ideas for you.

Salad Jar

A salad jar is a fun way to store and eat your salad. You may have seen some fancy ones on social media, but a salad jar can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It’s easy to make a layered salad in a jar and it acts as its own lunch box too.


Nothing warms the body like a nice nutritious soup. You can make a lot of soup really easily so you can use your leftovers more than once. Heat it up in the microwave and you’ve got a delicious and healthy meal ready for eating.

Burrito Bowl

Burrito bowls are a fun and super filling healthy option for lunch. There are hundreds of recipes online that are super tasty, super healthy and super easy to make. There are loads of choices for meat lovers and veggie fans in this universal lunchtime choice.

Fun lunches for teachers

Tired of having the same thing for lunch every day? These options are fun and offer some nice variety to teachers who want a lot of choices.

Snack selection

Separate your lunch box into different snack types and enjoy your feast in one sitting or throughout the day. Nuts, fruits, popcorn, and other finger foods are easy to put together and can include a lot of tastes in one box, from sweet to salty, a homemade snack pack is a great pick for teachers.

Mini cheese board

Make yourself a fancy snack mix with a mini cheese board. With some bread, grapes, nuts and of course your favourite types of cheese you’ve got yourself a cheese board that will keep you full all day long.

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