Cool with the Kids: How to keep the whole family comfortable in the heat

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As the majority of us have noticed, Britain is currently experiencing somewhat of a heatwave that just won’t quit. On the 21st of June parts of the UK hit just below 35°c, making it not only the hottest day of the year so far but the hottest June day in the UK for over 40 years! This week the temperatures have dropped slightly to 27°c – which is still more than enough to break a sweat - and whilst plenty of us have been soaking up every inch of British sun that we can get (it is rare after all!), there is no doubt that the current climate in the United Kingdom is causing a huge amount of stress. Fans have been flying off the shelves and the freezer sections of every supermarket have been well and truly raided in search of sweet, frozen treats. At Simply Education we know that a lot of our teachers and support staff are parents, and we also know that staying cool and comfortable is very difficult – especially for babies and children. To try and minimise the severity of this, we have researched into some home methods for beating the heat that can be used for the whole family…

1. Hot water bottles (trust us!)

While a hot water bottle’s purpose is usually to keep you cosy (hence the name), they can also play a very helpful role in beating the sweaty, sticky summer heat. Fill a hot water bottle up with cool water from the tap and pop it in the freezer until it is either frozen or very cold (in case you don’t like coming across a big solid lump in your bed!). This will help to keep your body temperature down as well as cool the air around the bottle, helping you to get a restful night’s sleep. You could also use this in the day time while lounging in the garden or inside - try placing it underneath your feet for a chilly treat.

2. Damp clothing

Damp clothing can be a saviour for those hot days and nights. If the kids are playing in the garden and you’re worried about the heat, then you can wet some t-shirts, wring them out until they’re just damp with no water dripping, and then get them to wear them while they have fun. The cool fabric helps to maintain a suitable body temperature and protects them from the heat. At night time, you can dampen a bed sheet and for babies you can dampen a cloth and place it over them. Always ensure with children and babies that you check on them regularly if using this method, as they can get too cold very quickly.

3. Freeze your pillow

This may seem a bit odd, but if you put your pillow (or even just the pillow case) into a zip-loc bag and freeze it for an hour or so then you can use it when you go to bed. As you have a lot of pulse points in your head and neck (mainly around your temple area), the cool pillow cover will help to bring down your body temperature – making it easier for you to drift off. You can also try freezing socks using the same method and popping them on your feet at bed time. The double action of a frozen pillow case and frozen socks creates a wonderful cooling sensation! In this case, you want to make sure the items are DRY as if you wet them then they will freeze solid.

Hopefully our tips will help you and your family keep cool during the heat. Remember to always apply sun cream regularly when enjoying the sun, drink plenty of fluids and avoid the strong midday rays!


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