Do I Need Training to Secure a SEND Teaching Job?

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Do you need training to secure a SEND teaching job? Simply put, no. You do not need to have any special qualifications other than Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to secure a SEND teaching job.

How do I become an SEN Teaching Assistant?

From an experience point of view, mainstream education experience will help secure your first SEND teaching job, however, it is possible to earn your QTS through one of the different types of SEND teaching jobs.

What makes a good SEN Teaching Assistant?

While a QTS may be the only essential qualification required, there are related skills that will improve your chances of being chosen. There are 6 skills that employers look for in SEND teaching candidates.


In a SEND teaching role you will be communicating with students who find it hard to communicate, this may be related to social or mental disabilities. Being able to overcome communication barriers and be willing to learn new communication skills is a vital trait any good SEND teacher must have.


Creativity is an important trait as most SEND students respond to different teaching methods. A creative mind will help you come up with new and engaging ways to reach and teach your SEND students.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are important. Bonding with SEND students is a very rewarding experience for both the teacher and the student. SEND students will perform well when they are comfortable with their teacher. That is why interpersonal skills and the ability to make people like you is something most recruiters will look for.


Organisational skills are always an important skill for any teacher to have, but SEND students benefit from learning in structured environments and keeping to strict schedules is a source of comfort for them.


Patience is a virtue and a necessity for SEND teaching roles. Working with students with learning, social and mental challenges can be demanding. Patience is required to get the most of your SEND students and cope with the additional difficulties that SEND teachers face.


Teamwork is another key skill that will help you secure a SEND teaching job. You may be working with another teacher or a teaching assistant and it is important to work together as a team to manage a SEND class. You may also need to help children with social challenges collaborate and interact with other students. Knowing effective teamwork skills and strategies can help your students adjust to social and learning situations that they are not comfortable with.

To summarise, there is no specific training or qualification, outside of your QTS, needed to secure a SEND teaching job, but there are some skills that will make you a more impressive candidate.

SEN Teacher Training Course

Simply Education also has online continuous professional development (CPD) courses, some of which specialise in making sure you are ready for any SEND teaching role and will have the best skills sought after by employers.

Register with Simply Education and we can help you find the SEND teaching role of your dreams.

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