Education Jobs for Teachers Outside of Term-Time

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Throughout the academic year, teachers help students develop their minds while doing their best to leave a lasting impact on them. The role of a teacher is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very demanding. As such, when the term ends, many teachers will choose to enjoy a well-deserved rest. However, some teachers may find themselves asking the question: “What should I do until school returns?”

These teachers may benefit from taking on educational opportunities outside of term-time. Below you can read about some different types of education jobs that are available to teaching staff during the half-terms and summer holidays.

Tutoring Jobs

Many children need additional help with their studies outside of term-time. They may have fallen behind in a subject, not received the grades they were aiming for, or maybe their parents are worried about a lack of learning during the break. Tutoring jobs are a great way to bring in extra cash outside of regular classroom teaching and offer the opportunity to focus your teaching efforts on a 1-1 or small-group basis.

Nursery Work

Nursery and EYFS settings often remain open while other educational settings are closed, including during the half-term breaks and summer holidays. This means that nursery workers and childcare practitioners are always sought after, regardless of what time of year it is! Teachers, teaching assistants and other types of teaching staff can try their hand at nursery work as a means of making extra money during the holidays.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Instructor

Adults trying to learn English will often attend classes or seek out private sessions. While teaching adults is very different to teaching children, it can also be just as rewarding as adult students tend to be more invested in what they are learning and try harder to succeed. Learning English is an essential skill to learn, especially in England, so pursuing this kind of work can bring a great sense of achievement.

Summer School

Summer school jobs are very similar to normal teaching work, but with shorter hours and potentially smaller classes. Some summer school opportunities can even help you try out new teaching techniques as you interact with a class with you will most likely not see again.

Activity Camp Work

Working at an activity camp is a great way of combining your love for teaching and your love for creativity and fun. Camp Managers and Leaders benefit greatly from having educational backgrounds. As a Camp Manager, you will be teaching children in a completely different way than you would in the classroom - you may even learn new ways to reach students when the school year begins. Activity camps offer exciting opportunities for teachers looking to work during the holidays.

Sports Coach

Kids still need to be active outside of term-time, and many use this time to refine their skills or spend more time playing the sports they love. Whether it's cricket, soccer, tennis, swimming, or basketball - pretty much every sport needs a coach. This leads to a lot of fun job opportunities for teaching staff, outside of the regular classroom teaching.

As you can see, there are a plethora of roles available for teachers who may be looking for additional job opportunities outside of term-time. By registering with Simply Education, you can learn new skills with our FREE CPD courses, find a broad range of teaching and nursery job opportunities and have access to well-trained consultants that care deeply about finding the perfect job for you. Register today and get the most out of your education career!

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