Food for Thought: Fast Foods which Benefit the Brain and Body

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The importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle is reiterated throughout society daily. In theory, eating well and exercising is a simple concept, however in practise, it can be very difficult to juggle – especially with a hectic work schedule!

We have done some research into some of the most beneficial go-to foods when you’re pressed for time and energy but are trying to resisting the chocolate…


Blueberries are often hailed as a ‘superfood’, and it is easy to see why! They are packed with antioxidants which protect the brain from damage and they are also rich in vitamins and fibre which helps to maintain overall body and digestive health. In addition to this, they are easily available in most supermarkets and service stations, meaning that you can pick up a punnet without much effort!


Nuts are a healthy snack with a protein-packed punch! Most nuts are high in vitamin E, which has been found to slow down the rate of cognitive deterioration. They are also busting at the seams with other essential vitamins and minerals (including Omega-3 fatty acids which can lower your chances of heart disease, joint pain and depression). Most supermarkets and service stations offer pre-made pots and bags of mixed nuts which are easy to grab and go – perfect for a busy day.


A commonly undervalued vegetable due to its somewhat acquired taste, celery is a fast, fresh food that has various benefits. Celery has high levels of Luteolin, which can help lower the rate of memory-loss and fight inflammation. As well as this, it has been suggested that Luteolin could also potentially fight off various types of cancer. Celery is readily available across supermarkets and service stations and is generally sold in packets with a dipping sauce – a perfect finger-food for curbing hunger pangs!

Blueberries, Nuts and Celery are just a few health ‘convenience foods’ that are available to us. With several great on-the-go healthy options, it is becoming even easier to eat a beneficial, nutritious and balanced diet while managing a hectic schedule. However, don’t forget that it is also important to treat yourself every now and then, and while the above foods are great, sometimes so is a biscuit!


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