How Much Will Your Summer Holiday Really Cost You?

Posted 18th Jul 2017

With the school holidays approaching fast, it will soon be time for thousands of families across the UK to head off on their jollies. Some may choose to have a long weekend away in a cosy cottage in Devon, whilst others are off adventuring through the Lake District and camping under the stars. Many families dream of a sunny vacation abroad, with European hot spots such as Spain, France and Majorca proving popular with holiday makers across the UK. However, holidays seem to be getting ever more expensive (well, isn’t everything?!), and for many parents in today’s society, a few days in the sun with the kids is becoming a distant dream. We know that many of the teachers and support staff at Simply Education are parents, and so we felt the need to look into how summer vacations can end up so expensive so that you can try and avoid unnecessary and extraneous costs! Take a look for yourselves…*


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*Compare the Market quote pricing is based on a family of four with no medical issues. To find out how much travel insurance could cost your family specifically, please visit

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