How To Be The Best Supply Teacher You Can Be

At Simply Education, we work with thousands of supply teachers every day, from experienced cover staff to new teachers. Our consultants have helped place supply teachers in schools all over the country. Over time, they’ve become experts not only in finding placements, but supporting the teachers who we work with to provide the best service possible.

For supply teachers of a few months or many years, there are a few golden rules to being the best supply teacher you can be. Here’s how:

Build a relationship with your agency

For supply teachers, your agency is your most important asset. Choose wisely, taking into account the perks and policies they have. Don’t be tempted to sign up to more than one; you’ll spend your mornings fielding calls from multiple agencies and filling out timesheet after timesheet. With an agency, communication is key. Let them know your schedule, ask them for tips about the placements you’re given and make sure you feed back at the end of the day. In return, they’ll know what you enjoy and excel at, and dial your number first when there’s a good fit.

Make a good first impression

There’s a lot to be said for a first impression. Dress appropriately - don’t choose a sharp suit for your reception art class and don’t choose a casual t-shirt if the school is well known for upholding a smart dress code. If you’re not sure, ask your consultant and they’ll be happy to help! Check if there’s a morning briefing that you should attend, and when you arrive take the time to introduce yourself to the other members of staff. This gives you time to settle, and to ask the questions you might need to know about the way a class works in this school.

Be prepared

If there’s anything a supply teacher knows, it’s that there’s no such thing as a predictable day at work. It’s a good idea to have some back-up resources ready to go just in case you’re asked to provide work last minute. Being ready with a positive attitude and an adaptability to change is the best way to start your day.

Before you leave

A last impression is as important as a first impression in many ways. Before you leave for the day, make sure you’ve completed any relevant duties and have tidied the classroom. Say goodbye to everybody you’ve met if you can, and then check in with the Head before you leave just in case they might want you to come back the next day.

Keep learning

For supply teachers, one of the most important things to do is remain on top of your CPD. Simply Education offer training for supply teachers that can help you remain up-to-date with your knowledge and skills. Showing this commitment to improvement and development can be vital to fostering repeat, regular bookings with schools!

If you’re a supply teacher looking for an agency that’s all about finding the best place for you, talk to Simply Education. We’re dedicated to a personal service based on trust and knowledge. Why not register with us today? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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