How To Make the Most of The Last Few Weeks of School for Primary Teachers

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The last few weeks of school and the last couple of lessons in the year can be hard to plan for. The syllabus has been fully covered and students are eagerly awaiting the holiday and may lack focus or motivation. This can put quite a lot of pressure on a teacher trying to make the most out of the last week or two of the school year. There is, however, quite a lot you can do to teach your class new things and valuable skills while also having a fun time. These are some of the best ways to get the most out of the last few weeks of the school year.

Provide opportunities to reflect

Providing a moment of reflection for your class can be a valuable learning experience. Reflecting over what they have accomplished throughout the year and evaluating how they have grown encourages their critical thinking, self-reflection and even collaboration. Including time to reflect on the past year in the last few weeks of school can help your students take a critical look at the objectives they set for the next year, what they would have done differently and find reasons to be proud of themselves. If you want to make good use of your time in the last few lessons of the year, then you should strongly consider providing opportunities to reflect on the past school year.

Fun & Games

The last few weeks of school should be both valuable and fun, think of it as a lesson that also rewards your students for their hard work during the year. It’s important to not put too much pressure on yourself or your students at this time too. Some activities and team-building exercises you can do with your class include:

  • Act out skits and scenarios
  • Play charades
  • Bring in a variety of board games
  • Organise a simple treasure hunt using things they learned in past lessons as clues
  • Play guessing games
  • Writing a story together as a class
  • Set fun and silly mini-quizzes
  • Find fun ways to get to know the class and fun ways for students to interact

These are only a small handful of some of the fun learning experiences you can play for your class during the final few lessons of the year.

Get Creative

An engaging way of having fun with your students during the last week is getting them to express themselves creatively. You can provide a variety of materials and art supplies and let your students make something unique that they would present to the class. You can organise crafting tables where your students can work together to create things like paper planes, bracelets, slime, and other fun and simple crafts. Clay is always a hit, combining creativity and motor skills is always a novel way of having fun with students. The list goes on and on but using this time to allow pupils to express themselves creatively and use their imagination is a great way of rewarding them for their hard work while learning something as well.

Recognise Achievements

Prize giving usually happens at the end of the year to celebrate the achievements of hard-working students, but not every student will win something. By holding your own prize giving in class you can reward students for the things that make them unique and acknowledge the improvements you’ve seen in them throughout the school year. The awards can also be a fun and silly way of bonding and engaging with your class. The funniest student, the friendliest student, or even the student with the best pencil case are only a few examples of the fun ways you can give each student their moment in the spotlight to make them feel good about themselves and feel acknowledged. Every student worked hard during the year, and this is a novel way of rewarding everyone.

Other Ideas

There are other things you can do during this time that may require more planning or permission from the school. Field trips are something students look forward to, can provide a lot of entertainment and also be great learning experiences. Planning a picnic in the school, having a class party and other similar celebrations are all exciting ways to cap off the school year for you and your students.

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