Tips to Motivate Students for the New School Year

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It’s only natural for a student to need a little push to get back into the swing of things as the new school year begins. After the fun and excitement they had during their holiday, it’s up to the teachers to make their students feel excited about being back at school and re-spark their interest in learning. Simply Education has been working in the education industry for well over a decade now, and here are some of our top tips for teachers looking to motivate their students at the start of the new school year this September.

Making the Return a Positive Experience

A little bit of empathy goes a long way. When a teacher shows that they understand returning to school after the holidays is hard, it humanises them in the eyes of their students. Make the students feel comfortable in your class by encouraging them to share their favourite memories from their holidays before jumping straight back into work.

It is also important to give students a bit more positive attention to their successes early in the school year and help them through their first few mistakes with care and compassion. This makes a more positive and comfortable learning environment which in turn will motivate your students right from the start.

Establish Purpose

Students are motivated by assignments and work that has a clear purpose. Explain why you are giving the students their work, make them understand that the work you are giving them to do will make the next section easier or link it to a skill they can try and work on. By giving the students work “with a purpose” they may become more interested in putting more effort into it, as there is a tangible goal or real-life skill that will be achieved by doing it.

Start Simple

Taking the first few lessons slowly might also help students re-adjust to the school routine once again. Students may need some extra time to get back into the swing of things, so by gradually easing them into the new curriculum, you will take some of the pressure off them at the beginning of the new school year.

Mixing It Up in The Classroom

The idea of sitting through an entire day of lessons again is a daunting idea for any returning student. Mix up the activities or teaching methods in the first few lessons to make this an easier mental hurdle for students to overcome.

Games and activities are a good way of testing students’ knowledge while also being a fun and different way to engage with them. This teaching method helps students apply what they have learned in a stimulating way.

Novelty and change are given priority in the human mind. Placing curious objects in the classroom, inviting speakers, having students present their work and video presentations are just some ways of keeping the attention of your students and making your lesson more stimulating and easier to feel motivated about.

Set Short-Term Goals

Have students set short-term goals for themselves. This will help them ease back into the learning routine at their own pace. From improving skills to reading books, this is an effective way of giving students something to work towards both in and out of lessons.

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