What types of SEN teaching jobs are available?

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Simply Education has a wide network of schools we work with, which means we can offer you an incredible variety of teaching jobs. From supply work to temporary positions to permanent positions, we have every kind of teaching role you can think of, including SEN teaching jobs. This guide will explain some of the types of SEN teaching jobs we have available and the skills each role requires.

SEN Teaching Assistant Jobs

As an SEN teaching assistant, your job will be to support the teacher and help SEN children with their mental, educational, and social development. Strong candidates for SEN teaching assistant jobs need to be able to form a strong rapport with students, be able to promote cultural development, have excellent communication skills, be eager to learn new ways of teaching and communicating and have a calm and effective approach to behaviour management.

SEN teaching assistants will be dealing with several SEN students with varying mental or social challenges. This might be intimidating for some but bonding with SEN students is a very rewarding experience and those with a true passion for teaching and helping students will flourish in this type of role. Patience is very important as SEN children do tend to learn with more difficulties than mainstream students. Clear communication is also an essential skill as you will need to communicate clearly with students, who may have trouble with social interactions, and communicate with the teacher you will be working with as well. You will need to work as a team with the teacher to get the most out of this position. For more SEN teaching assistant jobs visit our jobs and register for a teaching job that will truly make a difference in a child’s life.

SEN Teachers

SEN teacher jobs require candidates with similar skills to an SEN teaching assistant, but you need someone with teaching experience as well as experience working with SEN students. In addition to this experience, SEN teachers need to be able to make lesson and schedule plans in advance as SEN students find structure in learning environments comforting and easier to learn in. SEN teachers will generally be teaching more than one subject, so a wide range of knowledge will be a requirement for SEN teacher candidates. A willingness to learn new ways of communicating and teaching is essential as SEN students with different needs respond differently to alternative teaching practices. Making SEN students feel comfortable enough to express how they are feeling is also a crucial skill to have. SEN and SEND teachers will be dealing with students with mental, social, academic, physical, and sensory challenges.

Other SEN Teaching Jobs

Simply Education offers more SEN teaching roles beyond SEN teacher and SEN teaching assistant. Other common SEN positions that Simply Education offers include sports coaches and art teachers.

Sport coach jobs in SEN schools or that teach SEN classes require coaches with more patience, understanding and varied approaches to helping SEN students develop physical skills. They may be dealing with students with mental, social, or physical needs, and so the role of an SEN sports coach will be different to a coaching job in mainstream schools. SEN coaches will need to have creative classroom management skills, be adaptable and know how to support students with additional learning or physical development needs.

There is tremendous value in allowing SEN students to express their feelings and creativity through art. This is why Simply Education looks for SEN art teachers. SEN art teachers will be working with students that struggle to express their feelings and thoughts, helping them to communicate through various creative media. It is important to find an art teacher that can help SEN students creatively portray their emotions and support their creative development by creating a comforting and creative space for students.

These are just a few of the types of SEN jobs we can offer to registered candidates. With our network of schools, new and exciting SEN related roles become available every day. Register today and find the perfect SEN teaching job for you this September.

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