A day at thorpe park


A day at Thorpe Park8th November 2012


With a few cheerful degrees to contend with, we all bundled up in layers of winter clothing and our most sensible- and warm -walking shoes. All prepared are raring to go; we set off into a maze of towering rollercoasters and strategically placed donut stands. A few foolhardy employees lead the storm and selected only front line seats on some of the craziest theme rides. Whilst the view at the front is always terrifyingly spectacular, one does have the disconcerting feeling of too-loose safety straps 180 degree drops. Thankfully we all left Thorpe Park unscathed if not knackered by the continual adrenaline rushes. 


After a hearty lunch at KFC, we continued our day with a few (glacial) water rides and some of the Park’s most popular rides. Highlights include Nemesis, Stealth and Saw. With our nerves shattered by Stealth (0-80mphin under 2 seconds!) we made the decision to go into Saw Live and travel through the chilling maze of the undead. (Leaving a fair few ashen-faced and shaking!) 


All in all, our day at Thorpe Park was a truly fantastic occasion, with much fun had by all that attended. We all look forward to something of a similar nature in the near future.