A simply sledging experience


A Simply Sledging experience 17th September 2012

Alright, so perhaps this description of the latest Simply Fun Day is slightly exaggerated, although many will agree that the ‘bunny slope’ did not live up to its deceivingly sweet name.


It is at this point that you may be wondering where exactly we went and furthermore why the entire company spent the day playing in the snow. Quite simply, the staff of Simply Education were treated last Friday to a day of sledging at the Milton Keynes SNO!dome. The day was planned in conjunction with our Christmas Advent Calendar which features our directors, consultants and administrative staff in various embarrassing and humorous poses.


Although the bulky snow gear took some getting used to and most of the team could not feel their toes by the end of the hour long session, a fantastic time was had by all. It wasn’t long before many consultants became fearless and imaginative, and invented various ways of manoeuvring to the bottom. It can only be imagined then that many sore heads and a few wipe outs occurred as a result. 


Whilst the Advent Calendar will display most of the photos taken, I have included a few ‘Behind the Scenes’ photos to wet your appetite. Feel free to have a giggle, we know we did!