Go go go go karting


Go, Go, Go, GO KARTING!28th February 2014

Black racer suits? Check. Incessant, adrenaline pumping music? Check. Death-trap racing cars? Check! Now we know we sound like we rivalled Lewis Hamilton at some insanely cool racing event, but really we’re not that awesome. In fact, just to bring the dramatics down a notch, we’ll admit that we had an afternoon – kindly gifted to us by Orange Genie – at the Northampton indoor Go-Karting track. 


Divided in to teams of three we were all given a practise session to warm up before the real competition began. The rules? Two fifteen minute racing sessions from each driver, no broken vehicles by the end of the session and a promise to adhere to the codes of courteous driving. The objective? To complete as many laps as possible and obtain the fastest lap time. Sounds simple enough… except for the 90 degree turns, slippery surfaces and overly-competitive racers all vying desperately for first place. 


After an eventful few rounds, multiple ‘not-my-fault’ crashes and absolutely no sign of courteous driving in sight, our winners were crowned. Adam Shulman, our Managing Director had led his team to victory! The unfortunate disqualification of team Sperrin and Belcher left many wondering if Shulman had an easy ride to victory, but with a 30 second lap speed we thought it only fair to hand over the first place trophy.


The evening wound down at Buddies restaurant where we unceremoniously stuffed ourselves with super-sized burgers and fries. All that was left to do was sit back, relax and plan our next team Simply event.