Is there a teacher shortage in england


Is there a teacher shortage in England? 25th November 2015

Figures compiled by TeachVac show the average English secondary school has advertised for 5.2 posts this year. This statistic more than doubles in Luton and Milton Keynes. 


The government maintains that teaching remains a hugely popular profession with the highest numbers since 2008. However many head teachers believe that the number of new recruits isn’t keeping up with the demand and with the school population predicted to increase by a million by 2025, it does seem that the issue will only worsen. National Association of Head Teachers president Tony Draper said: "The government needs to invest heavily in the recruitment of teachers. There's a drastic shortage, it is severe and it is only going to get worse if they don't. Teachers are leaving the profession because of workload and stress issues caused by government policies but the biggest issue in this is that they haven't recruited enough teachers in the first place. There are too many classes in too many schools that are being taught by teachers without the relevant qualifications.”


Here at Simply Education, we place job adverts on our website and various social media platforms on a daily basis, both for day-to-day and long-term positions. We have hundreds of registered teachers on our books who are thoroughly vetted before working in a school. Many schools utilise recruitment agencies to meet their supply requirements, but trends suggest an increasing dependence on specialist recruitment agencies to source candidates. 


At Simply Education, we run a Preferred Supplier Partnership (PSP), which has many benefits including; discounted perm fees, school sponsorship, vacancy advertising and resourcing. We hope to do more business with schools and academies in the future and do our part in reducing the current teacher shortage.