Simply education raises money for kidsout


Simply Education raises money for KidsOut! 20th February 2014

A few months ago, we posted a news piece that spoke about the fun day that team Simply had over the Christmas period. To quote: ‘the day started off in a festive spirit with everyone coming in to work in his or her best Christmas jumpers. One of our staff even went as far as getting kitted out in a reindeer onesie!’


Now as fun as we may be, this wasn’t done just because we love dressing up in festive clothing. We encouraged all our staff to come in to work wearing their most outrageous Christmas jumpers in order to raise money for a charity called Kid’s Out.


Known as ‘The fun and happiness Charity’, Kid’s Out works tirelessly to raise funds so that they are able to provide fun days / events for underprivileged and disadvantaged children.


We managed to raise £140 from our ‘Christmas Jumper Day’- with only a little effort and a lot of fun had on our part. To us this is what raising money for charity should be about. We were proud to hand over our collection to a wonderful group of individuals and were equally pleased when we received our framed Certificate of Appreciation from their team.


We encourage you to look at what you can do for those less fortunate than you. Charities do need money in order to help others, but many only ask for time. No matter how small the contribution, be sure to make it.