Tis the season for a simply advent calendar


Tis the season for a Simply Advent Calendar 3rd December 2013

This year we decided to go with a theme that was a little more fun and a lot more uncomfortable than previous years. Each team had a theme to contribute to the overall fantastic winter wonderland scene. Our calendar features Shrek, Peter Pan, Toy Story, The Original Disney Characters, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Disney Princesses and Little Red Riding Hood. (Ok yes we know those are not all Disney – but they definitely reminded us of our childhood!)


Our consultants and support staff really got in to the spirit of things and with only a few groans, got in to their costumes and began pulling funny faces at our amazing photographer for the day – Zak Reynolds. After many laughs (some of us now have new nicknames!) we got in to something a little more dinner appropriate and celebrated at Pizza Hut.


Fortunately these calendars are only a one off as all the work you see in that one calendar is months’ worth of behind the scenes planning, designing and ultimately delivering. We hope all our schools loved the calendars as much as we do and have already had a few good laughs at our expense. (We don’t mind, we promise!)


So without further ado, let’s give you a sample of our 2013 Advent Calendar!