Support Staff Jobs

Are you a Cover Supervisor or a Teaching Assistant? Let us help you find your next school job!

Support staff are a vital feature in any Primary or Secondary school. By assisting the classroom teacher, Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants help maintain a high standard of learning and ensure classroom control. We work with a large number of support staff, helping them work in varied supply environments.

How can you find work in a school if you are not a qualified teacher?

Cover Supervisor Jobs

A Cover Supervisor ensures classroom management is met but does not plan or prepare the lesson for a class. This means that they typically cover a lesson left by the classroom teacher. You do not need any qualifications to be a Cover Supervisor, but many will have a degree of some description and will have classroom experience. We have seen many experienced Cover Supervisors even go on to study their PGCE and make a full move into teaching!

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Teaching Assistants

A Teaching Assistant is quite different to a Cover Supervisor. Whilst they also play a supporting role to the classroom teacher, they have many differences. Teaching Assistants are not qualified teachers, but do have some certification. Some TAs will gain their experience in the classroom, whilst others will study their NVQ Level 2 and/or 3 qualification to gain qualified TA Status. Teaching Assistants often help the class teacher by preparing resources, helping with marking and helping small groups of children who require extra support.

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We also provide supply assignments and long-term teaching jobs to:

  • Instructors
  • Overseas Trained Teachers
  • FE Teachers
  • Nursery Nurses / Childcare Practitioners

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