Assistant chef needed in West Hampstead

London, NW2 Craig White
Permanent/Full Time £22,000.00 - £27,000.00

Posted 15 days ago

We are recruiting an assistant chef for an independent school in West Hampstead.

The school is looking for experienced assistant chef to join the kitchen team and work directly with the head chef.

You will be working as part of a team to help prepare nutritionally balanced varied and delicious meals for the school.

You will be required:

To assist with the Nutritionist and Chefs in planning termly menus that are nutritionally balanced, varied and reflect the wide range of cultures in the school community (to cover morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack).

• To take direction form the Head Chef when providing attractive meals on a daily basis in sufficient quantities to satisfy the appetites of the children. Second helpings should always be available for children who want more.

• To assist in researching from magazines, books and the internet new items that can be suggested for the new menus.

• To help keep stock control – ensuring at all times adequate supplies and that packaged and tinned produce is used in date order.

• To assist in ordering :

- dairy produce daily

- vegetables twice weekly

- general groceries at the beginning of each month (except when changing menus)

- plates, cutlery, napkins, paper bags etc. when necessary

• To assist in maintaining high standards of hygiene in the kitchen at all times:

- food stored appropriately (particularly in fridge)

- all utensils and dishes to be clean

- surfaces cleaned and wiped down regularly

- to wear the full chef’s uniform

- hair to be tied up or covered by a hair net at all times

- to wash and scrub hands before preparing any food

- to wear gloves when making pastry / sandwiches etc.

• To be prepared for Public Health Inspections at any time.

• To ensure that you are following the allergens matrix and no food not specified is used.

• To assist in checking fridge, freezer and water temperature and keep accurate records up to date and ready for inspection. Checks to be conducted twice daily: 14º - 18ºC.

A full job description can be sent on request


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