Teaching tips

We believe that by following some simple and practical advice, more supply teachers would find an easy transition in their day-to-day teaching assignments.

We have listed a few examples of classroom control below;

  • Be assertive but always remain calm and polite
  • Do not shout when speaking to the students – even when you are aggravated by a situation
  • Ensure that you are in the classroom before your pupils are. In ensuring this, you will be prepared and ready to begin your lesson as soon as the learners arrive
  • Set high expectations from the start of your lesson. (Be sure to introduce yourself, set a few basic rules i.e. Take coats off, sit down etc. and have a starter prepared to immediately engage the learners)
  • Remain consistent. Be sure to follow school rules and sanctions

The students are not the only factor to a day’s supply teaching. By making the right impression with the class teacher you will increase the possibility of the school requesting you back for work. A few simple steps and you should be on your way;

  • Follow the lesson plan. Do we need to say this one more time? FOLLOW THE LESSON PLAN. It has been left for you for a reason so stick to it as much as the situation allows
  • Leave the classroom tidy. The normal class teacher does not want to come back to a wreckage site
  • Leave as much information for the teacher as possible. Let them know how the day went and what work you covered with their pupils
  • Be efficient. Mark work that needs to be completed. Do not do this whilst still in a lesson but rather at the end of the day or during a tea break. Put in the extra effort – it won’t go unnoticed