Our Education Recruitment Team

Team Simply

Say hello to all the team at Simply Education. Over the years we have grown from a few employees to the 70+ strong team we are today. We have a wonderful mix of personalities and skills within our company. This is strengthened by our shared vision to provide the highest recruitment standards in the industry.  

Senior Management

  • Adam Shulman
    Managing Director
  • Sharon Sperrin
    Events Director
  • Victoria Shulman
    Compliance Director
  • Leeann Ackermann
    Regional Manager
  • Hollie Murtagh
    Regional Manager
  • Stephen Belcher
    Training and Operations Manager

Branch Managers

  • Daniel Black
    Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Branch Manager
  • Amy Kent
    Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Branch Manager
  • Marsha Harrison
    Cambridgeshire Branch Manager
  • Radha Pindoria
    Berkshire Branch Manager
  • Ella Harding
    Essex Branch Manager
  • Michael Taylor
    Kent Branch Manager
  • Alanna Watkinson
    Bristol Branch Manager
  • Parjeet Dhillon
    Northamptonshire & Leicestershire Branch Manager
  • Jessica Harris
    Lincolnshire Branch Manager

Education Consultants

  • Stephen Robinson
    Bedfordshire Primary Executive Consultant
  • Ayden James
    Nursery Consultant
  • Nadim Mohammed
    Hertfordshire Consultant
  • Scott Garlick
    Hertfordshire Consultant
  • Lois Hutchinson
    Buckinghamshire Senior Consultant
  • Bianca Ladyman
    Milton Keynes Executive Consultant
  • Lauren Dixon
    Oxfordshire Consultant
  • Sam Wightman
    Oxfordshire Primary Consultant
  • Tanya Aston
    Essex Primary Senior Consultant
  • Ashley Lachasseigne
    Essex Primary Consultant
  • George Cox
    Essex Secondary Consultant
  • Polly Carroll
    North Cambridgeshire Primary Executive Consultant
  • Yvonne Mills
    South Cambridgeshire Primary Consultant
  • Tyrone Webb-McGarthland
    North Cambridgeshire Primary Consultant
  • Sophie Golding
    Northamptonshire Primary Senior Consultant
  • Christie Harris
    Northamptonshire Secondary Consultant
  • Lowenna Lockwood
    Northamptonshire Primary Executive Consultant
  • Madison Jack
    Northamptonshire Primary Consultant
  • Hayley Finlayson
    Warwickshire Consultant
  • Simon Smith
    Leicestershire Secondary Consultant
  • Katie Grainger
    Lincolnshire Senior Consultant
  • Sinead Mooney
    Lincolnshire Primary Consultant
  • Joanna Gandhi
    Berkshire Primary Consultant
  • Emma Edmonds
    Berkshire Secondary Consultant
  • Holly Surey
    Berkshire Primary Consultant
  • Pav Rana
    Berkshire Secondary Consultant
  • Maddie Selman
    Staffordshire Consultant
  • Tommy Bird
    Kent Primary Senior Consultant
  • Lauren Smith
    Kent Primary Consultant
  • Terry Sterling
    Kent Secondary Consultant
  • Emily Williams
    Bristol Primary Consultant
  • Hannah Norman
    Bristol Primary Senior Consultant

Compliance Team

  • Megan Byrne
    Candidate Compliance Manager
  • Hannah Reilly
    Candidate Compliance Team Leader & Lincs Administrator
  • Yasmin Taylor-Powell
    Candidate Compliance Team Leader & Leics Administrator
  • Sienna Joseph
    Candidate Compliance Team Leader & Berks Administrator
  • Cassie Ruckman
    Compliance Quality Controller
  • Chloe Powell
    Beds Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Lia Esposito
    Nhants & Warks Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Ashleigh Tooby
    Essex Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Kerry Smith
    Cambs Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Ellie Hemming
    Bristol & Herts Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Tara Denton
    Bucks and Chesh Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Claire Lawrence
    Oxon Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Taryn Smith
    Nhants & Warks Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Kealie Shulman
    Kent Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Lauren Bond
    Candidate Compliance Administrator
  • Sophie Willis
    Candidate Compliance Administrator

Support Team

  • Janet Herbert
    Accounts Manager
  • Ann Thody
    Senior Accounts Assistant
  • Karen Precious
    Accounts Assistant
  • Magdalena Krawczyk
    Accounts Assistant
  • Mike McGivern
    Education Development Manager
  • Neil Macey
    Education Development Manager
  • Syed Shah
    DevOps IT
  • Rebeca van Heerden
    Marketing Manager
  • Lydia Collins
    Digital Designer and Social Media Coordinator
  • Sarah-Jane Saunders
    Human Resources
  • Daisy Watson
    Personal Assistant
Local Work

We keep it local

We try our very best to find local supply work for our teaching staff. Find a branch local to you

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We keep it varied

We provide a variety of supply teaching opportunities to our registered teaching staff

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We'll earn yours

We build long-lasting relationships with our schools through our honesty and transparency 

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Services to Teaching Staff

We pride ourselves on the high level of service and commitment we provide to our teaching staff. 

Our teaching staff are important to us and we keep in mind any strengths and experiences before we place you on an assignment. We will always try to find teaching work which is suitably located and fits around your existing lifestyle.

Services to Schools

Our team of dedicated consultants and support staff work hard to build strong working relationships with our schools.

We provide a range of services to help you effectively manage your recruitment needs. Our dedicated consultants will work tirelessly to match our teaching staff to the specific requirements and challenges of your school.