An agency that just keeps climbing literally


An agency that just keeps climbing - literally5th August 2013

We started the day traditionally by racking our brains to answer the baffling questions in the (in) famous Daniel Black quiz. After declaring a winner – not everyone’s general knowledge is to be bragged about – we set off to Milton Keynes for our rock climbing excursion.

The arena seemed harmless enough – how hard would it really be to climb a few walls? Much harder than we anticipated! Once we had been taught the basics we split up in to groups and took on the various challenges and climbing walls Big Rock had to offer. After a few tentative goes, everyone’s competitive spirit seemed to reignite with consultants racing each other and challenging other teams to beat their climbing times.

A few hours later all the excitement slowly drew to a close as all participants realised just how tough it could be to constantly use their balancing skills and upper body strength. As a reward for all our hard work we set off to Pizza Express to end off our day out the office. A fantastic time was had by all, with many already planning their next trip back to Big Rock!