Go karting with the genie education team


Go Karting with the Genie Education team

Similarly to last year, we split up into teams of 4, got our racing kits on and proceeded to hurtle down the track as if we were competitors in the Monaco grand prix.  The day’s events seemed to replicate that of last year’s – as seen in the extract below:


An extract from last year’s news piece:

‘After an eventful few rounds, multiple ‘not-my-fault’ crashes and absolutely no sign of courteous driving in sight, our winners were crowned. Adam Shulman, our Managing Director had led his team to victory! The unfortunate disqualification of team Sperrin and Belcher left many wondering if Shulman had an easy ride to victory, but with a 30 second lap speed we thought it only fair to hand over the first place trophy.’


Adam Shulman’s team won 1st place again this year: fortunately no one was disqualified – cementing true victory for his team. After a long 2-hour endurance race, we all set off to return home, ready for a normal day in the office. We look forward to next year’s event with the Genie Education team!