Wig wednesday take 2


Wig Wednesday - take 2! 26th May 2014

In total we managed to raise £184.14 for the charity. Our collection of wigs this year far surpassed our efforts of 2013. Amongst the selection this year we found blond bombshells, (and yes Gavin we are talking about you!) a collection of aquamarine /mermaid ladies, a bearded man and two directors with a sudden regrowth of hair! (Not seen since the 90s!) 


We even did a bit of in-house voting to vote for the worst / weirdest / most realistic wig! As always, we all had a great day and are all looking forward to next year’s festivities. 


We hope you get involved with us next time around – not only will you raise money for a fantastic cause, you’ll be sure to have many laughs and giggles throughout the day!