Learning in Lockdown: The Report

With COVID-19 forcing schools across the UK to close at the end of March, millions of students are now being educated from home. Many of these students are relying on various digital technologies to complete their work, and teachers and parents have had to adapt to 'Teaching with Tech' in order to facilitate learning for their students and children during the lockdown period.

Simply Education decided to conduct some research into how teachers and parents were finding learning in lockdown, or ‘Teaching with Tech’, to explore what is working effectively and what could be done to provide more support during this unprecedented period. Data was collected via survey between the 6th and 30th of April, and the results are now in. Research found that the majority of parents and teachers were finding 'Teaching with Tech' challenging, and that more needs to be done to provide support for remote learning during this time.

So, what is it that is making it such a struggle? Moreover, what specifically could be done to better support both parties? Find out in our full report - the link is available below:

Learning in Lockdown Report