The Top Reasons to Work in Special Education

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Do you want a job that matters? Do you want a challenging, but extremely rewarding career that changes lives? Then you should consider working in special education. SEND teachers and SEND teaching assistants work with SEND students and help them overcome various disabilities and challenges. These are the top reasons that make working in special education such a unique and fulfilling career.

Impactful Moments

The best part of any teaching job is watching your students learn and develop and getting to see the impact you have on your pupils. When you’re working with SEND students you get to experience this rewarding sense of satisfaction a lot more. Because you work so closely with SEND students, who need more time and individual attention, seeing them overcome obstacles and solve problems is a very rewarding experience and every small victory feels like a big step forward each time.

Plenty of Opportunities

SEND teachers and SEND teaching assistants are in high demand especially, for preschool students. The demand for SEND educators keeps growing because the number of students requiring services keeps growing. The more time and attention SEND students receive, the better their learning prospects become which is what makes SEND positions readily available locally and nationally.

Marketable Experience

Having an additional specialisation makes a teacher very desirable and marketable for potential employers. Being able to teach in different settings is an impressive skill that a lot of employers find valuable in a candidate.

Helping Families

As a SEND teacher or SEND teaching assistant you will be helping your students grow both academically and socially. Many SEND students can have difficulties communicating and as their teacher, you will be helping them with their communication skills. Teaching them to communicate their needs and feelings in the classroom will also help them communicate these important things to their families and in settings outside of the classroom.

Developing Patience

Patience is a virtue and as a SEND educator, it is also a necessity. When assigning SEND students tasks it is crucial to understand that you need to give them the time they need to accomplish it. Your patience shows them that it is okay for them to take their time and achieve a goal properly in a way that works best for them. Patience is a very important part of making an encouraging learning environment which is a big part of making SEND students comfortable. Patience is a very valuable skill which will benefit your students and yourself as a person and educator.

Help Students Set & Meet Goals

Teachers shape the future of their students, but with SEND teachers and SEND teaching assistants this is especially important. Teaching your SEND students to set reasonable, small goals is the key to helping them develop, motivating them and gaining self-confidence.

These are the reasons that make a career as a SEND teacher and SEND teaching assistant so fulfilling. We appreciate what makes an education career special and we do our best to find the right school for the right teachers. We also make sure our candidates have all the skills they need to get the most out of their students with our CPD courses. Follow the link to register with us and let us find you the rewarding teaching career you’ve been dreaming of:

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