Educational trips to take in 2020 for under 400 pounds

Educational Trips To Take in 2020 for Under 400 Pounds

As an educator, it is important to ensure that you continue to learn new knowledge, develop your skills and remain inspired to pass your wisdom onto your students. While it can be incredibly beneficial for teachers and teaching staff to undertake Continuous Professional Development courses as a means of doing this, another way of learning and developing your understanding of topics can be through travelling and experiencing the world first-hand.

While the idea of an educational holiday can be very exciting for teachers, teaching assistants and other educators alike, it cannot always become a reality – often due to cost. We decided to conduct some research into trips abroad in 2020 that could be made educational (with space for some fun of course!) and achieved within a £400 budget. See below for our best picks!



If you are considering taking an educational holiday this year then we hope this information helped you. If you would prefer to build your skills while staying in your local area then why not search for a CPD course in your area? We have a fantastic range of courses available for teachers and members of support staff who are looking to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge. Book onto one of our in-house CPD courses today!



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