Why Safeguarding Matters

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Educators have a duty to care for the children they work with and ensure they are protected from harm inside and outside of their institutions. Safeguarding is the term that describes the measures put into place to ensure protection of wellbeing, health and even the human rights of the individuals under their care. Knowing these measures and why they matter is essential for anyone working in the education sector.

Effective safeguarding in schools is vital in the identification of warning signs of any abuse or harm to children and reporting to the appropriate authorities. School staff, especially teachers, are able to gain unique insight into how their students are developing, behaving, and interacting with others. These are the most effective indicators of abuse or harm.

Some safeguarding essentials include:

  • Identifying children at risk of abuse, neglect, and harm.

  • Keeping dangerous individuals from entering the school or coming in contact with students.

  • Educating children on how to avoid dangerous people and situations outside of school.

  • Ensure that no member of staff poses a risk to students.

  • Prevent radicalisation and prejudice.

  • Address bullying and peer-on-peer abuse.

  • Prevent self-harm and self-neglect.

Knowing your school’s safeguarding procedures and systems is essential. Knowing how to react in certain situations and where to report what you have seen is key to keeping your students safe and learning how to identify the signs can make any good teacher into a great teacher. Simply Education offers CPD courses to all our registered candidates. We have detailed courses about safeguarding practices, identifying signs of abuse and neglect and many other advanced tips to help you excel at safeguarding your students.

Register with Simply Education here. For those who are already registered with us, check out our safeguarding CPD courses.

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