Why Teachers Love What They Do

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Ever wondered what makes teaching so special? Have you ever thought about where their devotion to shaping young minds comes from? Let’s take a look at the top reasons teachers love doing what they do and celebrate what makes teaching such a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Getting to know your students

Any teacher will tell you that children are special and one of the first things you will learn as a teacher is that children don’t fit into stereotypes. There is more to a child than meets the eye and nobody sees the true side of a child like their teachers. All children have different backgrounds, they all grow differently, and every child can be reached if you try hard enough to engage with your students. Overcoming learning difficulties is so rewarding because it’s something that happens when you spend enough time with your student and learn how to motivate them to grow.

You learn from teaching

A lot of teachers, especially primary school teachers, often aren’t teaching only one subject. Teaching different classes is an opportunity to develop your own skills and knowledge in a way that not many other careers require or facilitates. Learning new ways of teaching and new communication skills is something that every teacher does at some point in their career. Teachers grow personally as they develop professionally as a result of needing to know more to be a better teacher.

Knowing that you really do make a difference

Sometimes teachers are lucky enough to help students achieve breakthroughs, both academically and personally. This can happen in a lot of different and meaningful ways. Helping a child settle into a new school and make friends, seeing them find something they are passionate about, watching them develop as people, is an incredibly moving journey for a teacher. To watch children move closer to becoming fully formed people and knowing they played a part in that is the most rewarding feeling of all.

Seeing what children are really capable of

Children are capable of bringing a smile to a teacher’s face in so many ways. The comments and observations they make can surprise and amuse you, children are honest and that is an incredibly endearing quality. Not just that, but when you see how much progress a student can make, it reminds you how strong the spirit of a child can be. That makes it even more fulfilling to watch them learn and grow.

Every day is different

All children are different, as mentioned before, but when every class and student is different, it means you are never going to experience the same thing twice. Every day is a different day for teachers, from the syllabus you cover to the students you are teaching, there is no normal day for a teacher and that is something a lot of people look for in a career.

This list of reasons reflects the most inspiring things about being a teacher, but there are so many more. If you want to discover why you will love teaching, then register with us today. Our CPD courses allow teachers to flourish and learn new things and it’s completely free to all registered candidates. Our dedicated consultants are very familiar with what makes teaching such a special career and will help you find the perfect school to teach at. Register with us now.

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